Tiny Town Renovations

Teachers are getting the classrooms ready for the new school year with every toy, book, and block. They decorated their classroom with colorful artwork, prayer tables, and comfy reading nooks. But even more exciting news is that Preschool through Kindergarten classrooms received some renovations in preparation for the new school year. Each of the classrooms acquired updated charcoal carpets with pops of blue and gold throughout.
Goodbye Green Walls, Hello Blue & Gold! The hallways received fresh coats of paint adding dimension and school spirit. We cannot wait for the book bags and coats to fill the hallways again. 
Our maintenance team worked hard on creating more classrooms. We are excited to say we now have 3 Kindergarten classes, 2 Four-Year Full Day classes, 1 Four-Year Half Day class, and 1 Three-Year Half Day class.
St. Michael's staff is thrilled to welcome our little Gaels this year and cannot wait to see their smiling faces.