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Grade 2 Curriculum

Curriculum Overview
Curricular Goals
Students in 2nd Grade will:
  • Explore God's laws and our obedience to them through love
  • Seek forgiveness of sins through Jesus' sacrifice
  • Prepare for life in heaven by receiving Jesus in the Eucharist
Text and Materials
  • Jesus Our Life, Faith and Life series (Ignatius Press)
  • Catholic Bible for Children (Catholic Book Publishing Corp.)
Curricular Goals

Students in 2nd Grade will:
  • Foster daily opportunities to express and share thoughts, feelings, and ideas through writing
  • Develop strategies for phonics and decoding
  • Develop accurate and fluent word recognition
  • Build connections with new vocabulary words
  • Build skills and strategies to aid comprehension of fiction and nonfiction text
  • Generate enthusiasm and appreciation for reading
Text and Materials
Curricular Goals

Students in 2nd Grade will:
  • Reinforce concepts of spelling
  • Reinforce correct letter formation
  • Develop knowledge of parts-of-speech, including nouns, verbs, and adjectives
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Build complex sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization
Text and Materials
  • Wordsmith Level 2
  • Writing Our Catholic Faith
  • Scholastic Literacy Place
  • Pearson Phonics Level B
Curricular Goals

Students in 2nd Grade will:
  • Extend addition and subtraction strategies to include two- and three-digit numbers
  • Develop place-value understanding to 1,000
  • Develop an understanding of more complex geometric shapes
  • Review and practice measurement of time and length
  • Develop an understanding of money concepts
  • Interpret data using a variety of graphs
  • Introduce the concepts of multiplication and division
Text and Materials
Curricular Goals

Students in 2nd Grade will:
  • Explore the inquiry process; analysis, communication, and reflection
  • Explore design principals in A World In Motion program
  • Employ observation using the 5 senses
  • Identify physical and chemical properties of matter and water
  • Investigate plant and animal life cycles
  • Observe weather
  • Utilize simple tools for data collection
Text and Materials
  • AIMS text
  • A World In Motion; Engineering Inspired by Nature
  • BrainPop Jr.
Curricular Goals

Students in 2nd Grade will:
  • Explore globes and maps
  • Identify qualities of a good citizen
  • Examine changes over time in North America
  • Identify people who have made important contributions to the United States and the world
  • Learn about producers/consumers and goods/services in the community
Text and Materials
Students is 2nd Grade are enrolled in the following specials classes.
  • Art
  • Computers
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
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