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Google Classroom

As part of the “Return to School Plan”, Grades 1-8 will utilize Google Classroom as their learning platform throughout the school year.  In preparation for the first day of school, please complete the following steps below.
Google Classroom

STEP 1: Obtain Google Classroom Login Information

Your child's login information can be found in PlusPortals.  The information can be accessed using a web browser or the PlusPortals app.
  1. Web browser: Log into PlusPortals through a web browser and follow the

  2. PlusPortals App: Open the PlusPortal app on your device and follow the

STEP 2: Access the Google Classroom

For accessing the Google Classroom, a desktop or laptop computer is ideal, but a tablet also works as well. If your child is using a tablet, we highly recommend downloading the Google Classroom app. For families in need of technology, there are a limited number of computers available to check out on loan. Please contact the school office for assistance.

Sign into the Google Classroom with the school-assigned Google account obtained from PlusPortals.

STEP 3: Join Class

Grades 1-3: once logged into the classroom you will see your child's Homeroom class.  On the bottom right corner of the class, click the "Join" button.  No join codes are needed for grades 1-3.
Grades 4-8: join codes are needed to join individual classes in the Google Classroom.  Please locate the join codes on your child's Homeroom page in PlusPortals.  Grades 1-3 will not need the join codes.