Butterfly Garden

“It was important to me personally to give back to the school & environment that has given me so much throughout the course of my life”

Parishioner and 2018 SMA graduate, Andrew Hall, wanted to give back to his community. With the opportunity through the Eagle Scouts project, Andrew created a butterfly garden to help beautify the school grounds.

Researching with local nurseries, he carefully selected the plants and perennials that attract butterflies. The new circular garden is planted with spicebush, milkweed (swamp, showy, and tropical), coneflower, sedum, bee balm, and purple and pink salvias. Butterfly gardens help conserve butterflies as well as other insects and help perpetuate native plant species.

“I am extremely thankful for the opportunity and the time that was given to me by Mr. Grau, Mrs. K, and Mrs. Barczuk, and I hope that the garden will continue to beautify the front of the school for years to come.”