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Dress Code

The St. Michael Catholic School dress code provides a standard for our students that fosters an environment of learning, promotes tradition, alleviates peer pressure, and encourages respectful behavior. Students reflect pride in themselves and their school by the way they dress and act.
Students in Preschool and Kindergarten through eighth grade are required to wear the school uniform from the first day of school. Clothing must be the appropriate length and fit, be in good repair, free from rips, holes and frays. Uniform jumpers, skirts, walking shorts, girls slacks, and polo tops must be purchased at Educational Outfitters.
The St. Michael Parent Group holds an annual Used Uniform Sale throughout the school year where gently used uniforms and school clothes may be purchased and sold.
St. Michael Catholic School has special school dress days designated to celebrate different occasions or events.
  • Add to Uniform - Clothes and/or accessories in a specified color are added to the uniform for holidays, e.g., red for Christmas and orange for Halloween.
  • Dress Down Days - Dress Down Days are scheduled for birthday club days, acts of service, or performing in specified evening programs. On Dress Down Days, students may wear casual clothes, e.g., jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.
  • Spirit Days - Spirit Days are designated approximately every Friday and for Pep rallies. Spirit Days are Add to Uniform Day with Spirit Wear tops.