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Why Choose SMA

Deeply-Rooted Faith, Tradition, and Values

St. Michael Catholic School offers a traditional Catholic program focusing on a faith-filled learning environment and promoting service to others. Second and third-generation students are included in our student body. The school has maintained a solid enrollment since 1942 with a strong sense of family tradition.

Dynamic Academic Foundation

High academic standards are maintained while providing students with a balanced curriculum striving for excellence and reinforcing good study skills. The weekly extended curriculum includes Art, Computers, Music, Physical Education, Robotics, Computer Coding, and Spanish.

Innovative Technology

St. Michael Catholic School is committed to providing faculty and students with the best available technology to improve learning and education. Our students receive weekly instruction to enhance their computer literacy, then use these skills in the classroom curriculum. Classrooms are equipped with interactive projectors (smart), document cameras, and computers. iPads support the curriculum. The school also houses a 36-station computer lab with an overhead projector and 9-stations in the Gaels Room Learning Center.

Diverse Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Numerous activities are offered covering many disciplines to cultivate and nurture the abilities and interests of our students. There are varied Zero hour clubs, sports teams (both competitive and intramural), and scouts.

Inspiring, Highly-Qualified Staff

Our teachers, including St. Michael alumni, help students reach their highest potential, cultivate their abilities, and are available for extra support. Members of staff also mentor extra-curricular activities and have coached sports teams.

Active Parent Community

Many parents volunteer for various classroom activities, including library, field trips, special programs and projects, and classroom events. Parents also volunteer through our highly active Parent Group which sponsors academic programs, organizes school activities, and hosts social events.

Safe and Caring Environment

Our school is a community where our students are welcomed, accepted, and respected. Parents choose St. Michael as an extension of their families.