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Lisa Hudy Ext. 210

2024-2025 Preschool and Young 5 Rates

  Half Day Full Day
4 YEAR PRESCHOOL $2,437 $4,703
YOUNG 5 N/A $4,873

2024-2025 Grades K - 8 Rates

Number Enrolled Parish Subsidized Non-Parish Subsidized
1 CHILD $5,043 $7,054
2 CHILDREN $8,835 $13,412
3 CHILDREN $12,107 $19,051
4 CHILDREN $14,737 $24,703


The Technology Fee per child in grades Young 5 and K - 8 is $110.
Tuition Contract (PDF) - Each family must submit a mandatory Tuition Contract completed by the person responsible for tuition payments. If more than one person is responsible, each person must complete their own tuition contract. Please return the completed forms to the school office or to the rectory.
Tuition Rates Per Family (PDF) - In the Tuition Rates Per Family chart, families with children in both preschool and grades K-8 can find their total tuition amount as well as what payments would look like under each of the three tuition payment options.

Options For Tuition Payments

For the two payment and monthly payment plans, the date paid can either be the 5th or the 20th of the month, specified during FACTS enrollment.