Academic Olympics

St. Michael won the second-place trophy in the Aquinas Academic Olympics tournament as a result of the combined scores of each team member. Each student took a test in a selected subject and competed against twelve other schools. The students did a great job, and we are so proud! The Aquinas Academic Olympics were held at Cabrini High School in celebration of Catholic Schools Week.
Thank you, Mrs. Schuelke and Mr. Faunt for mentoring this opportunity.

Josephine Andrzejczak                 Art              

Brianna Bonenfant                       Health          

Lily Kokowicz                                 Science   Silver

Will Bridges                                   Math     

Nolan LaForest                              History    Silver                          

Shayna Marie Mangulabnan      English     Gold

Julienne Manansala                     Religion    Silver


Maggie Breyer      Art          Bronze

Grace Jenks           Science  Bronze

Tommy Koch         History   Gold       

Molly Slosar           English   Silver   

Jack Starrak           Religion  Gold

Will Collins             Math      Bronze

Genevieve Baron  Health   Bronze