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National Geography Bee

The Geography Bee is an individual academic competition that tests your knowledge of geography. It works much like a spelling bee except that students are asked geography questions. If students answer correctly, they continue on in the bee. Individuals first participate against their classmates. Winners move on to compete in the school bee, and then the school finals and championship round.
Categories vary from year to year, but include:
  • State Geographic Comparisons
  • U.S. Geography
  • U.S. Cities
  • Odd Item Out (participants are given a choice of three answers - they choose the one that does not belong)
  • Continents
  • Cultural Geography
  • World Capital Cities
All students in grades 5 and 6 participate at the classroom level in their social studies class. Classroom bees are held during the first part of January. Forty winners from 5th and 6th grade (10 per classroom) compete in the school bee during Catholic Schools' Week at the end of January. The top ten winners compete in the final round. The top two students from the final round go head to head for the school championship round. Each student participating in the school bee receives a button. The top 10 students receive a trophy. The champion is awarded an official National Geographic Bee medal and certificate and their name is engraved on a perpetual plaque hung in the hallway outside the school library. The 2018-2019 school year marks the fourteenth annual St. Michael Geo Bee.
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