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Grade 1 Curriculum

Curriculum Overview
Curricular Goals

Students in 1st Grade will:
  • Introduce the Old Testament Salvation History
  • Explore the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Define the Mystery of the Holy Spirit
  • Learn about the history of the Church
  • Discover the tradition of honoring Mary our Mother
Text and Materials
  • Our Heavenly Father, Faith and Life series (Ignatius Press)
  • Catholic Bible for Children (Catholic Book Publishing Corp.)
  • Empowering God's Children
  • Revealed: God's Plan for the Human Person (Ruah Woods)
  • Saints and Religious Figures Mini Books
Curricular Goals

Students in 1st Grade will:
  • Introduce daily opportunities to express and share thoughts, feelings, and ideas through writing
  • Introduce and reinforce strategies for phonics and decoding
  • Reinforce recognition of sight words
  • Build connections with new vocabulary words
  • Explore informational text, particularly within the content areas of science and social studies
  • Generate enthusiasm and appreciation for reading
Text and Materials
Curricular Goals

Students in 1st Grade will:
  • Introduce concepts of spelling
  • Form letters correctly
  • Write various types of texts
  • Produce and distribute a variety of writing
  • Research to build and present knowledge
  • Present oral and visual ideas
Text and Materials
  • Wordsmith: Connecting Spelling and Writing to Word Study
  • Writing Our Catholic Faith
  • Writing Journal
  • Weekly Writer's Workshop packets
Curricular Goals

Students in 1st Grade will:
  • Reinforce number sense (reading, counting, writing, sequencing)
  • Develop addition and subtraction strategies
  • Introduce whole number relationships, including place value and grouping by tens and ones
  • Introduce attributes of geometric shapes
  • Introduce linear measurements and practice measuring lengths
  • Introduce time as a unit of measurement and practice telling time
  • Explore the concept of money
  • Interpret data using graphs
Text and Materials
  • Sadlier Math
  • BrainPop
  • Math Manipulatives
Curricular Goals

Students in 1st Grade will:
  • Understand the inquiry process, inquiry analysis and communication, reflection, and social implications
  • Observe the properties of light and sound waves
  • Use tools and materials to design and build a device that uses light or sound to solve the problem of
    communicating over a distance
  • Recognize how plants and animals use biomimicry to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs
  • Use observations of the sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted
  • Review the engineering design process
Text and Materials
  • A World In Motion; Engineering Inspired by Nature
  • BrainPop Jr.
  • Non-Fiction Texts
Curricular Goals

Students in 1st Grade will:
  • Understand the past through historical narratives, artifacts, and timelines
  • Recognize that maps and globes represent places
  • Realize the effects of human-environment interactions
  • Discern values and principles of American constitutional democracy and the role of a citizen
  • Comprehend economic activity in a market economy by distinguishing between wants and needs vs. goods and services
Text and Materials
Students is 1st Grade are enrolled in the following specials classes.
  • Art
  • Computers
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
  • Library
  • STEM
Field Trips
Featured Projects
  • The Hundredth Day of School celebration
  • 5th Grade Buddy Easter Egg Hunt
  • Resurrection Egg Project
  • Secret Santa and Ornament Exchange
  • Animal Research Project and Biomimicry Invention
  • Historical Figure Research Project
  • Adopt-a-Gourd
  • AWIM Pinball Game Project