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Grade 4 Curriculum

Curriculum Overview
Curricular Goals

Students in 4th Grade will:
  • Explore the Old Testament
  • Identify key people in the Old Testament
  • Understand the Ten Commandments
  • Understand the coming of Jesus
  • Celebrate the Eucharist and the Mass
Text and Materials
  • Jesus Our Guide, Faith and Life series (Ignatius Press)
  • The New American Bible (Fireside Catholic Publishing Corp.)
Curricular Goals

Students in 4th Grade will:
  • Analyze basic story elements: theme, setting, plot, and character
  • Develop metacognitive reading skills: predicting, compare/contrast, main idea, summarizing, and visualizing
  • Refine decoding skills to produce optimal reading fluency
  • Explore the literary distinctions among a variety of genres of literature, including short story, novel, folktale, and play
  • Introduce response-to-literature writing in the forms of journaling and short essay
  • Examine a variety of nonfiction types--including letters and short anecdotes--and discuss their purposes and audiences
Text and Materials
  • Novel Studies
  • Scholastic Literacy Place
  • BrainPop
Curricular Goals

Students in 4th Grade will:
  • Practice and emphasize conventions of standard English grammar and usage
  • Reinforce concepts of spelling
  • Determine the meaning of words in context
  • Proofread writing, including revising and editing
Text and Materials
  • Easy Grammar: Grade 4 (Wanda Phillips)
  • Spelling Connections (Zaner - Bloser)
Curricular Goals

Students in 4th Grade will:
  • Identify the value of digits using a place-value chart
  • Reinforce addition and subtraction computation skills
  • Review multiplication by one- and two-digit numbers
  • Develop division by one-digit numbers
  • Develop ordering, adding, and subtracting fractions
  • Review units of measurement and introduce conversion
Text and Materials
  • Sadlier Math
  • Freckle
Curricular Goals

Students in 4th Grade will:
  • Introduce organization of living things
  • Explore how plants and animals change and adapt to their environment
  • Deepen understanding of cells as the basic unit of all life
  • Identify properties of, and changes in, matter
  • Analyze forms of energy: electricity and magnetism
Text and Materials
Curricular Goals

Students in 4th Grade will:
  • Identify geography terms and tools
  • Explore each region of the United States
  • Define and discuss population density
  • Understand the natural resources of each geographic region of the United States
  • Identify and memorize the states and capitals of each region of the United States
Text and Materials
Students is 4th Grade are enrolled in the following specials classes.
  • Art
  • Computers
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
Field Trips
  • Solanus Casey Center
  • Greenfield Village
Enrichment and Competitions
  • Chess Club
Featured Projects
  • May Mary Altar
  • State Report
  • Book Publishing Project