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Grade 6 Curriculum

Curriculum Overview
Curricular Goals
Students in 6th Grade will:
  • Examine the Ten Commandments, the Law of God, as a rule of love and freedom
  • Analyze and review the The Holy Mass as the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ
  • Explore the Last Four Things--death, purgatory, heaven and hell--as the culmination of the Christian Journey
Text and Materials
  • Faith and Life: Christ (Ignatius Press)
  • The New American Bible (Fireside Catholic Publishing)
Curricular Goals

Students in 6th Grade will:
  • Solidify the definition and understanding of various genres, including folklore (oral tradition), poetry, and nonfiction
  • Analyze story elements: theme (author's message and purpose, stated and implied), characterization (development of characters, direct and indirect), setting (time and place, how setting affects plot and atmosphere), and plot (parts of the plot, with an emphasis on conflict, both internal and external)
  • Refine reading skills, such as vocabulary development, predicting, drawing conclusions, fact and opinion, cause and effect, compare and contrast, main ideas, fluency and expression, summarizing, and visualizing
  • Weave the writing process into literature through journaling, responses-to-literature, and short answer questions focused on literary analysis (support information with story details)
Text and Materials
  • Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes. Copper Level. 2002
  • Nothing But the Truth, by Avi
  • Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen
Curricular Goals

Students in 6th Grade will:
  • Extensively study grammar concepts (conventions of standard English grammar and usage are practiced and emphasized)
  • Write formal and informal essays using clear, grade-appropriate language to convey relevant ideas
  • Determine the meaning of words in context
  • Introduce pronoun usage in subjective and objective case
  • Revise, edit, and proofread writing
Text and Materials
  • Easy Grammar Grade 6 (Wanda Phillips)
  • Vocabulary Workshop (Sadlier)
Curricular Goals

Students in 6th Grade will:
  • Write, interpret, and use expressions and equations
  • Reason about and solve one-variable equations and expressions
  • Represent and analyze relationships between dependent and independent variables
  • Divide fluently with multi-digit numbers while finding common factors and multiples
  • Complete understanding of numbers, including rational numbers and integers
  • Graph integers, rational numbers, and equations on a coordinate plane
  • Understand ratio concepts and use ratio reasoning to solve problems
Text and Materials
Curricular Goals

Students in 6th Grade will:
  • Explore weathering and its effect on soil erosion
  • Differentiate between the processes of weathering, erosion, and deposition
  • Identify varibles used to describe weather and relate those to the water cycle
  • Classify climates based on characteristics
  • Understand the reasons that makes water unique and important to Earth
  • Distinguish between renewable and nonrenewable energy resources, including the advantages and disadvantages
Text and Materials
Curricular Goals

Students in 6th Grade will:
  • Demonstrate mastery of the Five Themes of Geography
  • Review tools and concepts of geography (maps, globes, compasses)
  • Identify information about the regions of Canada and the United States
  • Evaluate information about the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem
  • Investigate effects of urban sprawl
  • Compare a variety of United States National Parks
Text and Materials
  • Geography Alive! Regions and People (Teachers' Curriculum Institute)
Students is 6th grade are enrolled in the following specials classes and also select one elective for the year.
  • Art
  • Computers
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
  • Band
  • Music
Field Trips
Featured Projects
  • Taco Truck project-based math learning activity involving decimals, area, and perimeter
  • Creative project response to novel Hatchet
  • Five Themes of Geography country research project
  • Meteorologist for the Day
  • Book Buddies Monthly Reading Program
Enrichment and Competitions