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Scrip Major Grocery Stores

Proceeds from any of these purchases will be allocated as you select on the Scrip Program Agreement, less the 20% administrative fee.

Westborn Market

Order a Westborn Reloadable card through your regular weekly Scrip order (yellow form). Load money onto the card via your regular weekly Scrip order in $10 increments. We notify Westborn of your card reloads - money is available the next day. Any card reloads made at Westborn Market will not earn money for you or St. Michael School; reloads must be done via the yellow scrip form. Westborn offers a 5% discount. The Scrip Program tracks the card number assigned to each family. If you have family or friends who shop regularly, purchase cards for them and earn more credit.

Joe's Produce

Purchase $50 Joe's Produce gift cards through the regular weekly scrip program (yellow form) and use gift cards like cash when making purchases at Joe's. You do not need to reload or register these cards.

Busch's Cash for Education

To participate in Busch's Cash for Education Program, you must follow the instructions below
  1. Create a Busch's Shop My Way account via the Busch's website. Enter your name / phone # / email address.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from Busch's -- follow the link to activate your My Way account. Create a password for your account.
  3. Once you have a My Way account created, link your saving to our school through the drop down menu. Choose Cash for Education. Select St. Michael School for each quarter.
  4. During your next shopping trip, your Busch's My Way account will start accumulating credit for St. Michael School with quarterly statements showing your total purchases and percentage earned. St. Michael school will receive 5% of your spending if you pay by cash, check, or debit card. If you pay by credit card, St. Michael will receive 3% back.
  5. Participants must reselect St. Michael School each year, beginning in October for the following year to continue to receive credit.

Larry's Scrip Card

Order a Larry's Scrip card through your regular weekly scrip order (yellow form). You do not need to register your card online. When shopping at Larry's, before you pay for your purchases, have the cashier load money onto to your Larry's card. Then pay for your purchases using your Larry's card. Larry's provides our school with monthly spending reports. Larry's offers a 5% discount and you can recharge your card for any amount up to $500. Pay to recharge your card with cash, check or credit card. Use your credit card and benefit from both programs.

Kroger Rewards Program (School Code: 82803)

Please register your Kroger Plus Card to St. Michael School by visiting the Kroger website and logging into your Kroger Account. Our school code is 82803. Sign up your Friends and Family too! In a move to protect the privacy of their customers, Kroger management will no longer supply St. Michael School with the individual card holder earnings. So, the Scrip program is unable to pass along to you a reward from Kroger in the form of a tuition voucher. However, the St. Michael School Parent Group will receive 100% of the Kroger rewards to use to benefit your children and our school! It's FREE MONEY! You must re-enroll your card annually via their website in April to support St. Michael Catholic School.