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Scrip Tuition Credit

Families participating in the Scrip Program can receive a tuition credit through a voucher. The credit equals 80% of the profit made from your purchases during the year. The profit percentage is indicated on the order forms. Periodically some stores offer rebate specials where the profit percentage is increased for a week or two.

Tuition Vouchers

Tuition vouchers are issued once a year in May. The voucher will include weekly Scrip purchases from May through April and Busch's grocery store purchases from April through March.

Scrip Program Agreement

To participate in Scrip for tuition credit, donations, or cash, you must complete a scrip program agreement and submit it with your first order. Here, you designate how you would like to use your rebate. Twenty percent of the profit is not available to you as it is retained for administrative costs. The remaining 80% can be used for tuition credit, donations to the Parent Group, Sr. Carolyn’s Assistance Fund, 8th Grade, or St. Michael Church. You can also opt for cash. The credits or a check will be issued once a year in May.

Tuition Voucher Limit

Minimum Amount: $5.00 per family for the entire year, no voucher or check will be issued for less than $5.
Maximum Amount: None