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Scrip News

Online Ordering and Electronic Payments

Scrip allows electronic payments of scrip gift cards.  RaiseRight allows families to place orders at their convenience for physical gift cards and eGift cards if a store offers them.  Families link their bank account information to RaiseRight’s Presto Pay option for online payments.  Or families can link their account to a credit card.  An account would need to be created on RaiseRight or (This is a phone app).  This is a great way to use scrip and earn credit toward tuition when school is closed.

Physical gift cards orders done during the week would still be processed on Mondays for delivery on Friday.  Order forms will still be sent home for those who wish to pay by check.  Make sure not to duplicate your orders.

Families who have ordered scrip previously have an account set up and only need to complete it by inputting their bank account information.  If you are a family who wishes to do this, please contact Lisa Hudy. She will send an email with your email address, login, and a temporary password.  You will need to change the password and add your financial account information in order to place online orders, especially for Ecards. 

Families who have not used scrip before will need to set up an account from scratch.  If you would like to make scrip orders online, please contact Lisa Hudy. She will send an invitation for you to set up an account.  As part of the set-up, a family would need to select “Payment Type” from the Dashboard for Presto Pay or Credit Card. 

If you have used or are currently using Presto Pay in another scrip program and wish to participate electronically in ordering Scrip through St. Michael School, please contact Lisa Hudy for the enrollment code.